SchoolhouseApplewood Farm's educational curriculum is designed to appeal to all ages while being specifically directed to nursery school through 3rd grade.

We have a single goal:
Have fun learning about agriculture.

Tours/trips are scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Sessions are 1 1/2 hour in length
Cost: $7.00 per person, minimum group size is 25; maximum is 60. (Larger groups can be accomodated. Call Bryce at 443-417-6329)
Deposit: $175 to secure each reservation

Inclement Weather Alternatives: 
1. Reschedule
2. Refund deposit

For Information call Bryce at 443-417-6329.
Reservations can be made online HERE.

Please Read and copy the Applewood Farm School Tour Contract Your school tour date is secure once we receive your signed contract and $175.00 deposit for each tour that you schedule.

Click here for the Applewood Farm Tour Contract (.pdf file)
Click here to view the calendar for available School Tour dates.

Click here for directions to Applewood Farm.


Applewood Farm, LLC
4435 Prospect Road
Whiteford, MD 21160
443-417-6329 Cell