Mabel and Shirley
Meet the newsest members of our farm, Mabel and Shirley. They cannot wait to see you!
Our very friendly sheep, Cinnamon and Sugar
Cinnamon and Sugar
Sophie Sophie
Sophie is a miniature Sicilian Burro. Look closely and you will see the cross on her back . . . tradition says these burros are descended from the same burro that carried Mary to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus!
Pygmy goats, Bert and Ernie, are friendly and funny. Bert and Ernie
Wyatt and Waylon Our mini-breed of black Angus bulls are characters too. Wyatt is peaceful and passive while Waylon (with the horns) has an attitude.

When Applewood’s Animals are off-duty they like to play king on the mountain on Wyatt’s back. He get’s a great back-scratch out of their antics and everyone is happy. Bert on Wyatt's Back

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